May 30, 2018
Our creative support for international trade is a winner!

Increasing RoI on International Trade wins again

Helping our clients increase RoI in tradefairs, wins another award — this time for creativity.

After the European Union recognised our consortium for best practice, now the Texas-based Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals has presented Contented with a Platinum …

July 28, 2018

Unintended Consequences of Leading

Are new consumer pressures on supermarkets exacerbating problems for farmers in the developing world?  Gerard Davies explores unintended consequences for corporates trying to lead.


SHOULD FARMER PHONGAT be worried?  Business might look bleak for the 43-year-old entrepreneur and her …

August 2, 2018

Communicating.  Time to raise our game?

Cross-cultural communication.

Communicating.  Is it time to raise our game?

Can culture kill? One very dark night, a jumbo jet full of holidaymakers crashes into a remote jungle-covered mountainside.  Two national teams leap into action — one from the country where the …

September 7, 2018

From Plastic-Waste To Staff Behaviour

Europe’s autumn expo season is always a busy time for Contented, helping clients optimise their investment in tradeshows, missions and conferences. We enjoy preparing client briefing notes on key industry challenges, helping reach out to the audiences that matter to …

September 7, 2018
Contented Transport trends

Are Electric Vehicles A Sustainable Transport Solution?

With governments around the world moving to ban petrol and diesel cars, there’s scepticism around electric vehicles (EVs) that some may find rather shocking. For some businesses, “eco-friendly” is just a positive marketing label; for many thinkers, hybrid engines are …

December 24, 2018
cultural-archetype Odin

What can Santa teach business?

AROUND THE WORLD,  we humans like to celebrate the changing seasons by re-enacting stories.  

The bearded creature who flies through the long night of the northern winter solstice, doling out presents to children, plays the lead role in one of

January 18, 2019

Trading time for profitability


Another amazing week is just ending at one of the world’s largest sustainability events, with some 38,000 visitors, 850 exhibitors and a ‘damning‘ of world-class thought-leaders converging on the capital of …

May 11, 2019

Preparing for the programme

Reading and viewing materials on Storytelling & Digital Production

Before we begin, we would like to help you prepare for the workshops. For the full introduction to the hero’s journey and modern storytelling tact please download our document ‘The Hero …

May 11, 2019

A welcome from our script editor

Welcome to Story

A message from Jaemes Gregory, professional script editor and tutor on The Hero Hidden Within.

We’d like to welcome you aboard our award-winning ONTENTE programme as we prepare to set off for our next Hero’s Journey

May 11, 2019

Direction reflection

May week 1

THE START OF this month sees the ONTENTE fellowship take a first step on the year’s journey. The new road underfoot seems quite a different challenge, as we tentatively feel our way across several obstacles: the UK …

May 12, 2019

Live webinar

The Hero Hidden Within: Episode 1 of 4 — Monday 13 May 2019, 14:00 – 16:00 UK time. Join live webinar presented by professional script editor, Jaemes Gregory. Add your name to the invite list for Episode 2.…

May 12, 2019

Coaches’ Corner

The Contented tutor development programme includes membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Successful applicants should look out for a courtesy call from Jan. Make sure you have activated your subscription and taken the initial assessment at — …