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October 20, 2014
Tips & tricks: winning in Europe
September 8, 2015
Contented is co-sponsor of Birmingham Digital Marketers

Contented is co-sponsor of Birmingham Digital Marketers

Fresh from our latest Digital Study Tour in Europe’s capital of innovation, Barcelona, we’re back in Birmingham, the BBC’s home of digital skills and innovation. We’re exploring thinking and practice in engaging customers, investors and wider audiences.

Armed with video cameras, we took a creative delegation of entrepreneurs and researchers to high-growth Catalonia, including a power company and a cleantech publisher, to explore industry and academia from the ancient volcanoes of the Garrotxa National Park to Barcelona’s Smart City. A few blocks from the avant-garde of Gaudi, we joined the world’s top publishers, broadcasters and media innovators at the Global Editors Network, brought together with Google to explore how digital storytelling can change the world for the better.

Back in Birmingham, we shared our learning – how stories are a natural process that helps we humans navigate life’s complex social problems. As we venture into the unknown, the brain works just like a mental flight-simulator, preparing pilots for whatever hazard might strike.

We’re open now for bookings to join our next two digital delegations – to coincide with the international Smart City Expo in Barcelona this November and Warsaw’s human rights film festival in December during the Conference of Parties, COP21 climate change talks.

Read more about Ontente Co-productions and our digital study tours .

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