Ontente co-productions

Improve prospects for your employment or creative business with digital storytelling, leadership, personal and professional development abroad.

Develop co-production ideas while enhancing  your performance, production and communication skills and emotional intelligence, both inside and outside the workplace.

Contented presents the Ontente co-productions, now in their fourth year: safe spaces alongside business and cultural events to experiment creating digital media content that engages international audiences and creates customers.  Join like-minded professionals in developing yourself and your career and carry out creative research and development while exploring an enterprise, project or co-production to develop back home.

Our partnerships with Dragon Forum, Poland, and ActiveEarth, Spain, enable us to offer two contrasting experiences in cross-media storytelling, both departing from the UK in May 2014.

Krakow square Pyrenees

Be part of a team working with investors, commissioners and advisors from UK and overseas to develop and pitch a new co-production at a top international digital media market. Dragon Forum 2014 is the culmination of the 54th Krakow Film Festival, co-operating with Contented on a joint cross-media storytelling and audience development programme. Focused on the British Isles, you’ll have VIP access to the dragons’ den to breathe fire into your ideas.

The ActiveEarth Centre nestles among the inspiring cliffs and canyons of the Pyrenees where you’ll work with colleagues to explore how local enterprises thrive with the environment and how communities are growing an economy in areas of outstanding beauty. Visit avant-garde Barcelona to discover new approaches to business. Use media to capture and share the wow-factor you’ll experience — learning to be human in a digital space.

find out more buttonThese opportunities are open to anyone with an interest in digital content, personal growth and responsible business. Our qualified advisors can help you source generous financial subsidies including EU grants. Apply today and discuss with us your preferences for UK and international opportunities.