Ontente Co-Productions

Creative and professional learning adventures with international organisations, to:

  • Improve your internal and external communications;
  • Capture your research insights to take to your target market;
  • Cultivate your networks and develop innovative projects;
  • Enhancing your personal skills and performance.

Ontente is Contented’s co-production programme which blends innovative digital media productions with personal, professional and business growth. You, as participants and collaborators, are encouraged to test new concepts for products and services while developing your own leadership, professional and cultural skills. We are passionate about synthesising business, creativity and technology to develop new projects, products and services that leverage excellent science and business leadership to address society’s challenges and inspire a better world.

Read below about our 2015/16 programme of Innovation Tours and Learning Co-Productions. For help sourcing financial subsidies, contact our advisors.

Experimental Co-Productions
Experimental Co-Productions

Co-create and pitch innovative multi-disciplinary projects… Read More

Pop-up Web TV
Pop-up Web TV

Develop cross-media and soft skills in Central Europe… Read More

Bespoke experiences
Bespoke experiences

Let's design a programme for your team… Read More

Facilitator training
Facilitator training

  Facilitating action-learning with digital media… Read More

Project research
Project research

Investigate cleantech in the Baltics… Read More


Contented presents the Ontente co-productions, a cross-disciplinary investment in technology and business development. Here, your delegates can cultivate networks alongside cultural and trade events while experimenting with digital media content to engage international audiences and customers.  Join like-minded professionals, taking time out to develop yourself and your career, carrying out creative research and development while exploring an enterprise, project or co-production to develop back home. Our international partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of experiences in research and innovation in the UK and abroad.  

Learning objectives

Participants will:
• Practise techniques for engaging audiences through digital storytelling;
• Develop capacity to communicate, facilitate, lead and manage compassionately;
• Broaden and deepen understanding of sustainability and the case for responsible business & production.

Join our Crowd

If you’re interested but unable to travel on the dates available, we are offering the chance to be part of the crowd and experience the learning journey of the delegates. You will be invited to review pitches and offer constructive criticism — in return for which the group will share with you their insights into what works best.

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These opportunities — and more — are open to anyone with an interest in digital content, personal growth and responsible business. Or let us arrange a bespoke programme for your organisation. Our advisors can help you source financial subsidiesGet in touch now, via our enquiry form.

Learning Co-Productions & Innovation Tours for 2015/16 *

Krakow square Courian Spit Pyrenees
Crowd-sourcing Finance & Innovation.
Get your audiences talking! Two exciting opportunities to learn through practice from leading-edge digital businesses
crowd-sourcing innovation and finance for projects
for a better world.Aimed at project leaders from business and academics to media producers, who want to engage audiences and get them talking and spending.You will work as part of a team to develop and pitch to an audience -analysing feedback.
Next productions: Prague, 7-11 March 2016; Krakow, 30 May-03 June 2016
SmartCity Innovation Study Tours.
Explore an overseas territory and develop ideas and partnerships for new or existing projects or products. Cultivate networks across industry, academia and politics, improve your leadership and wider soft skills, learn about local ways of doing things, and explore partnerships to engage audiences. You will work with a small team to research, develop and implement a creative response to a brief, identifying suppliers or investors in the target country, and organising a simple event to present your idea.
Next productions: Bulgaria, 4-8 April 2016;
Lithuania, 5-10 May 2016.
Embedding Digital Media in Teaching & Learning.
Download previous course overview
Designed for creative professionals, group facilitators, teachers and lecturers to explore how media can support change. Develop leadership skills, cultivate networks and shine a light on responsible innovation to understand economies trying to grow in areas of outstanding beauty. Ontente’s trademark participative approach brings together digital storytelling and deep ecology to help you develop your wider soft skills, recognise complex inter-relationships and wow audiences in the experience of learning to be human in a digital space.
Next production: Available on request, subject to numbers.
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Pop-up Web TV, Journalism & Multicasting.
Learn to hit the ground running in a strange location as a researcher for business or media outlets. Journalists and marketers develop techniques for networking and interviewing, with workflow for recording and reporting. Experience the pressured environment of a small overseas market research or media production team.
Next production: Available on request, subject to numbers.
Cross-platform Storytelling: App & Serious Games Development.
Develop the confidence and skills to conceive and pitch to businesses through a live cross-platform project to engage audiences in a growing economy. From video games and social media to documentary and drama, you will work with experienced storytellers from the audiovisual industry and explore how virtual experiences can create value in the real world.
Next production: Available on request, subject to numbers.
Leadership Development for Entrepreneurs.
Separate productions bringing together early stage female and male social entrepreneurs across Europe to develop together tools and insights to make their  ventures tangible and sustainable. The focus will be on cultural sharing and exploring new business practices through direct exposure to companies in the UK and mainland Europe. Groups of women and of male leaders will tackle together complex problems that directly impact their community, catalysing economic development and social change through innovate thinking and creative energy.
Next production: Available on request, subject to numbers.

* Dates and destinations are subject to change. Please contact us for latest details.

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