How we design your experience

Behind ontente lies a sophisticated design process based on science and leading-edge knowledge from the audiovisual and learning industries.

The key features are:
- our international crew and partners, who help to create a vital learning environment for discovery;
- our unique communications framework, to guide clients through a process of reflection and knowledge sharing.

Our Communications Framework

The Innovator's Way is a communications framework for innovation and change, developed by Contented. It draws on the seminal work of social scientist Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Princeton University Press, 1949)

Psychologists and management scientists have recognised his work as a guide to understanding key moments of change, creating processes of catharsis and enabling learning and innovation.

For more than half a century, this publication has proved a handbook for scriptwriters and editors across the audiovisual industry, with its analysis of the journey of the archetypal hero common to myths across the world.

Time magazine lists it among the 100 most influential books written in English since the periodical's foundation. Now Contented has applied this knowledge to develop a unique framework for facilitating and communicating change and innovation.

Past Partners

Contented has developed a network of partnerships across the world and continues to extend this.

From 2010-2014, ontente was co-financed by the European Union through the Lifelong Learning Programme. From 2014-'16, through the Erasmus+ programme. with the following partners across Europe:

- Future Media, Poland
- Era Film, Lithuania
- People in Need, Czech Republic
- Vertical Emotions, Spain
- Geopoly, Bulgaria

UK higher education institutions:
- Birmingham City University
- University of Wolverhampton
- Ravensbourne, London

Embedding individual and organisational learning

We designed a project for co-financing by the European Union with individual and organisational learning objectives:

Organisational learning
How can creative industries add value to SMEs?
Working with a consortium of vocational universities in the UK, we aimed to transfer best practice from the digital and audiovisual industries to businesses, public sector and social enterprises, working with a range of film festivals and trade fairs on Continental Europe.

Individual learning objectives
- Practise techniques for engaging your audiences through digital storytelling;
- Develop capacity to communicate, facilitate, lead and manage compassionately;
- Broaden and deepen your understanding of sustainability and the case for responsible business & production.

Project details
These are available on the European Union's dissemination platform.