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Making the difference for international students

Global Reach‘Programmes like Ontente are exactly the reasons why international students choose to study in the UK.’ Kim Bui, 2013 delegate.

Unlike conventional work placements, our co-productions can make the difference for students finding their place in an international market. Our global networks provide the opportunity for international students to take full advantage of their time in Europe by gaining work-based experience with a UK company in an overseas market. Ontente co-productions provide this kind of experience. Participants report that programmes like this are key factors in deciding where to study in the UK.

Read more about delegate Kim Bui’s experience with Ontente in Lithuania, November 2013 …

Kim Bui

Following her Masters degree in Birmingham, Vietnamese journalist Kim Bui used her post-graduation right-to-work to invest in a place on the Ontente programme. With English as a second language, and restrictive new laws on employing foreigners, it was always going to be tough to compete for a job in Britain. Contented was able to help Kim secure a visa for two weeks in the Baltic states where she developed a network of companies across Europe with their eyes on Asian co-production and sales.

“Now I plan to set up a business as a fixer back home, helping companies organise productions there or enter the market.

“I intended to use the programme to brush up on my time-management and networking skills in the hope of finding a job before my UK visa expired,” she says. “Once on the programme, I realised that I needed to play to my strengths and began to research what creative businesses were doing in my own country. I discovered it’s one of the best export opportunities in the world, with European delegations led by none other than British film producer Lord Puttnam himself.

“Programmes like Ontente are exactly the reasons why international students choose to study in the UK,” she added.

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