Step 4.  Repeat the process online to update each other on progress

Many large events occur only once every one to three years.  Therefore, moving the group online is important if you are to maintain interconnectivity and amplify the feedback loops in the interim.  Make sure you get signed consent while you have your delegates’ attention.  Most people are less used to virtual groups and it pays to use a reliable technology platform and experienced facilitator.


Ed says: “If your event lasts a number of days you can run this cycle several times with the group face-to-face.  We’ve run the process for 14 consecutive days with a check-in each morning and publishing sessions in the evenings, which was very powerful.  Three to five days is more usual for a trade show or team-building week.  We train our facilitators in virtual action learning as part of our ISO9001-certified quality systems.  We also test their ability to manage a collaborative technology platform.

“Elsewhere on this website, you can find a list of resources we use, including our virtual learning workshops, academic papers,  and our own training  programme, Creative Leadership for Innovation, which is endorsed by ILM and includes membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management.”