Strategic communications for innovation & change

Our purpose: inspiring people to create a better world, by shining a light on responsible innovation.

What Do We Do?
Contented is a strategic internal and external communications company. We develop and deliver communications strategies, tools and products for corporate and public sector projects and brands. From market visits and study tours to digital storytelling, we help you engage new markets and inspire new behaviours throughout your network.
How Do We Do It?
Contented has a multi-disciplinary team of creative and technical specialists, from journalists and designers to facilitators and project managers – each with a background in projects for change. We work with clients as part of their project team to plan all aspects of the communications strategy – this should be based on audience evaluation and impact planning. We facilitate, capture and promote your learning in line with your strategic requirements. We produce and package high-quality content, from apps, explainer videos, technical papers and documentaries, to workshops market/study/ study tours. We also help clients build in-house skills.
Why Should You Trust Us?
With quality management systems certified to ISO9001, we have been delivering communications-based services since 1999. We have considerable experience operating with industry professionals and academics across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, on both transnational and local projects. Our expertise spans specialist technical areas, professions and sectors – from the creative arts to science and engineering, health and wellbeing, entrepreneurship and employability. We have experience over a decade delivering certified learning programs across leadership and culture change.

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