Step 2.  Generate, capture and share insights from the event

Your event may provide a rich source of inspiration: case studies in formal presentations, informal anecdotes caught through conversations snatched while queuing for refreshments, reflections in the gym or the shower, subconscious processing while sleeping.  Each of your prospects will have a unique experience.  Imagine the value you would add by allowing them to listen in on that wider dialogue.


Ed says: “We design an approach to draw out insights from our clients’ events. Our choice of facilitator and mechanisms will depend on the brand and budget.   We begin by helping delegates to frame their questions as practical enquiries: ‘How can I..’  To aid the process, we might create a ‘treasure hunt’ throughout exhibitors, a study tour to demonstrator projects outside, or even a deep ecology adventure in a local nature reserve.  We encouraage delegates to use smart devices as aides memoires.

“Your next consideration should be how to disseminate these insights.  For small closed groups, private spaces for verbal feedback may suffice, with a display of posters or sticky notes.  Larger groups may call for an interactive whiteboard, TV screens or video walls.   It’s most effective when participants generate the feedback themselves — such as through a journal.  We like to record them on audiovideo because this lends itself to wider dissemination.