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A new business narrative for tackling air pollution

We developed an interactive dashboard to help clean technology clients explore the business opportunities in addressing global air pollution.  We map destinations for international funding and market entry points offered by key transport expos.  Short stories illustrate the innovative solutions that cities are introducing.  Click on the world map to explore your own value chain and export destinations.

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Smart City Learning Adventures

Click on the tram to find out how we helped our clients to develop and use strategic internal and external communications to explore new markets, develop collaborative projects, identify new suppliers, and enhance their own performance.

Discovering the human side of data

Read how we helped promote clients and prepare delegates for a flagship international tradeshow, delivering a simple strategic and operational communications plan with in-market activities and an online innovation forum to generate thought-leadership.  This page is also available in Spanish translation.  También puede leer nuestro estudio de caso ‘Historias de datos humanos’ en la traducción al castellano.

Are there weak links in the transport value chain?

Our team took a peek under the bonnet of the auto industry to see how the sector is keeping up with the changes.  We discovered some concerning cases of myopia and researched trends elsewhere in the transport sector.