Four steps to more valuable events

increase return on trade shows
increase return on trade shows
APPLY THIS SIMPLE process to get more from your events.  It increases value for organisers, exhibitors and visitors at conferences, expos or trade shows.  Thus, it optimises return on investment for participants on trade missions or study tours.  These four steps can help generate more by leveraging your learning; and by developing and promoting your story.

Although every business needs sales leads, it’s not everyone’s primary reason for attending an event.  For instance, some want to discover more about their market, raise their profile, launch products, find partners or generate ideas.  What they all have in common is a need to be part of a conversation.  And, of course, every sale starts with a conversation.

These four steps help you and your customers start a dialogue that builds trust and positions you in your market.  You do this by developing and sharing their story of their investment in your event.

Some questions to ask before your trip

  • What are our objectives and who are our audiences?
  • How will we help our organisation understand the value of, and integrate, what we learn?
  • How can we add value before leaving?
  • Who should we meet there and how will we prioritise opportunities?
  • How can we best use the travel time and evenings?
  • How will we find and process all the information?
  • How will we follow-up the people we meet?

How might this process look?

Because this process essentially combines reflection and publishing, you don’t necessarily need a lot of additional space, time or staff.  Before and after your main event, you can deliver new activities online. Therefore, you can run this process alongside your existing programme. 

You can deploy a single journalist, a small video crew or set up a pop-up TV studio or media centre. You can support and certify CPD online and with additional physical workshops. You can even scale up your event to a cycle of workshops or conference in its own right with facilitators and technology.


Our colleague, Ed, has added some of her own tips to get more out of your events.  You might like to follow them yourself.  If you have other ideas, or you’d like some help, she’d love to hear from you.  Click here to email Ed.

Four steps to get more from your events

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  1. Identify the big challenges that you or your prospects are facing
  2. Generate, capture and share insights from the event
  3. Help them generate practical ideas for tackling their challenges
  4. Repeat the process online, updating each other on progress