Creative Leadership for Innovation

Training to address complex challenges and lead innovation.ILM recognised institute of leadership and management royal charter

AS THE PACE OF change increases, our worlds are becoming ever more interconnected and complex.  Consequently, our organisations and customers are facing seemingly intractable problems.  They need new and innovative solutions.

In this highly practical programme, Creative Leadership for Innovation, you will participate in a community of peers and co-designers to prototype approaches to the challenges you face.  You’ll develop your own capacity for leading change and innovation programmes.

Science shows us the critical role of communications in creating the conditions for innovation and change: it’s essentially about generating and managing feedback loops.  Creative Leadership for Innovation will help you marshal your resources to inspire, capture and disseminate insights and promote yourself or your organisation as a go-to specialist in your target market.

Benefits of Contented leadership programmes

Benefits for your company…

  • Build and recognise skills that improve performance and innovation;
  • Online training delivery means less disruption in the workplace;
  • Flexible learning allows staff to work at their own pace;
  • Delivery via third-party platforms lowers cost and develops technology skills;
  • Well-managed learning environment ensures maximum participation;
  • Practical tasks and exercises embed best practice in the workplace;
  • Products and tasks designed to change and improve workplace behaviours;
  • Can be designed to meet industry CPD requirements.

Benefits for your staff…

  • Flexible learning environment builds around home and work commitments;
  • Helps you fix workplace problems using effective solutions;
  • Gives you clear strategies to manage change;
  • Teamwork helps you draw on experience and perspectives of other managers;
  • Gives you clearer processes to improve team and individual performance;
  • Improve life-skills and how you apply them successfully in the workplace;
  • Gives you greater confidence and competence when dealing with colleagues;
  • Other outcomes as specified and agreed with the client and staff.

Bespoke workshops or Modular programmeRegistered member of Sustainability West Midlands UK

Better than sitting in a classroom, we can guide you throughout the processes as you carry out your work.  At the end, we can certify your knowledge, skills and achievements.  Endorsed by ILM, with free membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management, participants’ knowledge and learning can be assessed through a portfolio of work including written assignments, work logs and a reflective journal.  After you’ve completed satisfactorily, you can receive a certificate for Creative Leadership for Innovation, and an invitation to an active alumni community.

Creative Leadership for Innovation is delivered through a series of practical workshops and online learning groups with personalised assignments to embed learning in your work.


Programme Modules

While we are always happy to tailor a programme for your team, we have a stand-alone programme that has been endorsed by ILM, formerly known as the Institute for Leadership and Management. Three modules are required in order to achieve the Creative Leadership for Innovation certificate.  GLH is the typical number of hours of guided (face-to-face) learning.  Again, we can adjust the programme to suit your budgets and needs.


ConnectCore workshop module

Module 01: Use story for change and innovation (GLH 24)

Digital storytelling is a powerful communications tool that engages people at a human level. This module will let you experience its potential for transformation, generate insights and structure a series of audience interactions using a universal framework used in stories from ancient myth to Hollywood.


Group A Module

Choose one from three module sizes according to your experience and aspirations.

Module 02: Develop your ability to address complex challenges (24 GLH)

Practise, evaluate and justify action learning as a tool to help you lead new approaches to challenges.  In this module of Creative Leadership for Innovation, you’ll understand the principles and participate actively in a small group to co-design experiments to lead interventions into complex issues you face at work.

Module 03: Preparing to run action learning programmes in organisations (42 GLH)

Intended for those already practising action learning who want to facilitate groups in organisations and communities.  This module of Creative Leadership for Innovation includes a review and evaluation of skills, support networks and strategies, as well as participation in action learning sets with groups at varying skill levels.

Module 04: Facilitating action-learning to address complex challenges (60 GLH)

Intended for people already facilitating groups who wish to deepen their experience, knowledge and skills.   This module of Creative Leadership for Innovation will include personal and group enquiry and opportunities to co-facilitate groups in an international context.  You’ll learn to negotiate, plan and deliver an extended period of action learning facilitation, devise resources and garner feedback.


Get more from trade showsGroup B Modules

According to your experience and aspirations, choose at least one module from this group.

Module 05: Using digital tools to engage audiences safely (12 GLH)

Manage the business risk and master your smart device to publish with confidence. With a focus on your audience, this practical module of Creative Leadership for Innovation, improves videos, podcasts and blogs and covers the potential legal and reputational pitfalls of digital media. You will work in small teams to produce an appropriate content asset that minimises any risk to your organisation.

Module 06: Effective coaching practice (24 GLH)

A coaching culture delivers results, improves performance, leadership and communication and makes the most of people’s potential.  It emphasises getting the right things done and making each other (and an organisation) stronger and more capable.   This module of Creative Leadership for Innovation helps support long-term health and effectiveness and give you an edge over competitors.

Module 07: Understanding organisational culture and ethics (12 GLH)

Develop your understanding of organisational ethics and culture and how they influence leadership style, organisation structure and performance.  In this module of Creative Leadership for Innovation, you’ll review your own organisation across a range of activities and draw conclusions on its ethical stance.  Evaluate leadership styles in the context of your organisation’s culture and ethics.

Module 08: Developing a culture to support innovation and improvement (12 GLH)

Your workplace is heavily impacted by its culture – the way people act, and the values they hold.  Take time out to review your capacity for innovation and improvement and to develop a business case.  How can you help promote its vision and shape that culture?  In this module of Creative Leadership for Innovation, you’ll explore what’s important in reducing resistance, generating and implementing ideas, and reinforcing change.

Module 09: Improving and maintaining environmental performance (12 GLH)

Why not choose this module alongside your ISO14001 or ISO20121 internal audit?  The aim is to improve and maintain environmental performance.  Why is sustainability a strategic issue?  How useful are your strategy, policy and standards? How can audits help address challenges?  In this module of Creative Leadership for Innovation, you will undertake an audit appropriate to your role and produce a formal report with action plan.

Module 10: Leading innovation & change (24 GLH)

The purpose of this is to develop your ability to lead innovation and change. You’ll assess your own organisation, generate, evaluate and propose innovative solutions to improve performance.  You’ll map stakeholder expectations, based upon which you will create, implement and monitor a plan, reflecting upon your leadership.


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