March 6, 2013

Hans Robert Eisenhauer interviewed at East Doc Platform


Ontente interviewed German producer Hans Robert Eisenhauer following his presentation at the East Doc Platform in Prague.

Hans Robert EisenhauerHans Robert lives in Berlin and runs the film and TV production company Ventana-Film, focused on international documentary films.

As commissioning editor …

March 6, 2013

Film highlights: Forbidden Voices and Give Us The Money

Forbidden voices
Director: Barbara Miller
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2012
Length: 52 min

Forbidden Voices should probably broadcast in “First world obligatory watch” strand – if such existed. Barbara Miller follows three women, on-line activists: Yoani Sánchez, the first Cuban female …

March 6, 2013

Day for observation and a film

In the morning Anna Franklin made the decision I will be the person who will go to the session with Hans  Eisenhauer and make a short interview with him. I had the pleasure and honor to listen to a lecture …

March 6, 2013

Using archive film in documentaries

Catherine Bernstein  talked to Ontente about the use of archive footage in documentary film, following the screening of her film Death of a Hatmaker at the East Doc Platform in Prague.

Catherine Bernstein
Catherine directed her first short film in 1996, Zohra

March 7, 2013

Filming Alexsay Guerman

Jésus Prieto talked to Antoine about making the film Playback, a portrait of legendary Russian film director Aleksey Guerman, who died only a couple of weeks ago, and Antoine’s new project Realnost.

Antoine CattinAntoine Cattin was born in Saignelégier, Switzerland. …

March 8, 2013

Catherine Bernstein at Bio Ponrepo

As part of the East Doc Platform programme of events, I attended a screening of Catherine Bernstein’s Assasinant d’une Modiste (2005) at the charming Bio Ponrepo cinema.



The film is based on minimal archival material (three photos and a …

March 8, 2013

Kino Lucerna and Glacial Balance


One of the main cinemas of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is the Kino Lucerna, housed in a 1920′s Art Deco building complex which consists of the cinema, shops, bars and kavarnas (coffee shops), as well as …

March 8, 2013

Glacial Balance premieres in Prague

Ontente spoke to director Ethan Steinman after the world premiere of his film Glacial Balance at the One World Film Festival in Prague. Ethan describes how he funded and made the film, and told us about his next project.

ethan-steinmanEthan …

March 8, 2013

Making Putin’s Kiss

It’s International Women’s Day today 8 March. Helle Faber discussed the making of Putin’s Kiss the day after a special screening at East Doc Platform, Prague. The film follows a young Russian woman who has risen high in the pro-Putin …

March 9, 2013

Helle Faber and the Riahi Brothers

Yesterday, I attended two more East Doc Platform events which I found really inspiring. The first was a lecture by Helle Faber, producer of Putin’s Kiss (2012), speaking about how the film progressed from an idea to a feature-length production.  …

March 10, 2013

Sourcing investment

Financing film is a perennial challenge at the best of times and the UK requires particularly strong networks into private investors. It also usually requires a second source of revenue. Journalist Benjamin Rahr, who also directors corproate videos, was in …

March 10, 2013

Sound and emotion in an NHS

Danish sound recorder Tom Kirk describes the technical and physical dangers of following a devoted ambulance crew in the Bulgarian capital. Over two years, he worked with director Ilian Metev to create the observational documentary, Sofia’s last ambulance, in …