October 30, 2019

Systems constellations

systems constellations address complex problemsDRAWING ON PSYCHOTHERAPY, SYSTEMS constellations are a powerful approach for helping resolve complex problems.  The approach can be practised on a table top, during a traditional consultancy or coaching session, or as a workshop in a large room with a …

October 30, 2019

Radical thinking

A DEVELOPING COLLECTION OF authors and thinkers whose work connects with ours.  We offer it as a reference to our thinking and for further reading and enquiry.

James Lovelock. Novascene. There’s a new species – going to knock humanity off …

October 29, 2019

Exploring innovation in council supply chains

innovation explorersCLIMATE CHANGE IS CLIMBING the political agenda, with many local councils declaring an emergency. Local activism is on the rise, with voters demanding action. Yet local government has been working on environmental, climate and social issues for years. So

October 29, 2019
transport revolution

Audio intro: sustainability goals

EXPLORE THE CHALLENGE FOR transport and energy with cleantech author Felicia Jackson.  To survive and thrive in connected global markets, shrewd businesses now understand they must perform a role in creating a better world.  National and local government have
October 29, 2019
human dimensions low carbon

The human dimensions of low carbon underwear

unlocking sustainability

REDUCING CARBON IS NOT just about technology.  We need to overcome economic, political and organisational issues too.

That’s three huge Systems, each with a capital ‘S’.  These are the human dimensions of low carbon.

Because these factors are interlinked, changing …

October 29, 2019

The changing financial markets

sustainable finance report cover

THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS focusing criticism on the financial system.  As investment targets lock-on to sustainable finance, local authorities — for many years working on pollution, poverty, education and more — are having to gear up for a new paradigm …

October 26, 2019

A trillion-dollar global business opportunity?

TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE in connected global markets, shrewd businesses now understand they must perform a role in creating a better world.  National and local government have an important part to play in fostering an environment to facilitate that.

It …

October 25, 2019

Webinar: an introduction to action learning

TO ADAPT CONTINUALLY IN a fast-changing world, organisations and individuals need to create space. But the drain on resources of daily issues creates little opportunity for reflection.

At every level staff often feel they are working alone and little personal …

October 25, 2019

Four ways to solve complex challenges

FOUR WAYS TO ADDRESS complex business challenges.

Organisations need to create time and space for senior managers and leaders to consider the type of problems faced today. Read more.

  • Simple problems are clear to us and we know what’s
October 25, 2019

Addressing complex challenges

WHAT CAN SHEPHERDS TEACH about responding to climate change? A border Collie dog gives the eye to stare down a mob. Photo by C. MacMillan.

How to address complex challenges? From climate change to Brexit and even herding sheep,

October 25, 2019

A trillion-dollar global business opportunity?

Click for an overview from cleantech editor Felicia Jackson.…

October 24, 2019

Changing the financial system

CITIZEN ACTION AND INVESTOR pressure are two key forces creating the shift, according to Felicia Jackson, a senior consultant at Contented Ltd, a communications company focusing on change and innovation.  She says organisations need to tell an authentic story of …