Exploring innovation in council supply chains
October 29, 2019
Systems constellations
October 30, 2019

A DEVELOPING COLLECTION OF authors and thinkers whose work connects with ours.  We offer it as a reference to our thinking and for further reading and enquiry.

James Lovelock. Novascene. There’s a new species – going to knock humanity off the top of the food chain. Perhaps we should prepare ourselves for it, not to be frightened but grieve that we’ve lost our position at the top. It’s electronic. It’s with us already.

McGill, I & Beaty, L. Action Learning (second edition, 1992), Kogan Page, London.

Marquardt, MJ. Action Learning in Action, 1999, Davies-Black Publishing, USA.

Thomas Ramsøy specialises in neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, neurobiology and pyschology. He is currently Head of
Research at the Decision Neuroscience Research Group at the Copenhagen Business School.

Olivier Oullier is Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at the Aix-Marseille University where he applies research in complex systems, social neuroscience and psychology into a field he calls ‘emorationality’.

Grant McCracken, anthropologist, is a member of MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium.


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