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Exploring innovation in council supply chains

innovation explorersCLIMATE CHANGE IS CLIMBING the political agenda, with many local councils declaring an emergency. Local activism is on the rise, with voters demanding action. Yet local government has been working on environmental, climate and social issues for years. So where is the disconnect?

Part of the challenge lies not simply in the complexity of the problems we face, or the silos within which much administration happens, but with a failure to engage the community effectively with just how much local councils are doing.  Many activities that form part of the solution are not obviously related to climate change.


Bringing together actors from across the council in an afternoon of facilitated dialogue, we’ll help uncover the extent of activity related to climate change, identifying what’s happening and where. We’ll help map achievements and plans to constituent perceptions and jointly develop your climate story.

We’ll present a broad overview of sustainability to help draw out the many enabling activities not immediately associated with addressing the climate crisis. Whether it’s the building of green walls, traffic management, changes to planning and investment patterns, climate strategy or renewable energy, the Innovation Explorers programme will help identify activities, road-blocks to communication and messaging, generate insight and support the exchange of knowledge.

Working together, members of the team will share their own information and explore how their council, and their efforts, have been answering the needs of their constituents and continue to answer those needs today.  We’ll explore how community, collaboration and communication lie at the heart of effective change and how best to build a discourse with constituents.

The programme itself consists of a combination of dialogue and discussion, facilitated by experts in climate change and communication, to develop the story of the council’s work on climate change.

Discussions can be recorded and a report created on the event in order to capture and disseminate learning.  The team can also produce interviews with participants, to ensure that individual stories are told, collateral created for future case studies, and that the council’s story has a firm foundation.

The programme ensures that all participants get the chance to ask their questions, find their own answers, share their knowledge and together help transform the council’s approach to meeting the climate challenge.  This in turn can support the marketing and comms department in crafting its communication with constituents, to transform the relationship.


This process requires the commitment of time from members of different departments within the council, in order to ensure that information is shared among as many points as possible.  We ask that all existing collateral addressing climate change is shared with our team prior to the event, so that we can start the short programme with some baseline knowledge and information.

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