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November 4, 2019
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David King

Summary of David King tonight:


Admittedly, questions to would-be MPs, but perhaps relevant to local councils in terms of how they support with planning?


David King on PM (BBC Radio 4 tonight):


Q1) Where are we going with oild and gas companies? We all know that if they go broke together, we’ll have a global crisis because they are worth so much money. We  need to avoid a global crisis as we go to net-zero. How do YOU treat the oil and gas companies? My worry is that we invest in infrastructure that allows gas to come forward as a major solution, won’t allow us to approach net-zero.


Q2) How do you see Britain pushing through on green-house gas removal technologiest needed to get to net-zero? Eg Planting trees. What is the incentive and regulatory mechanism to drive this technology into the market place quickly?


Verdict on political parties: I worked with labour govt, Cameron and tory (May).  In all three I was given much support for action on climate change but main problem was the coalition and tory govts keeping me off the airwaves and not taking the public with them.  My time in British govt was served better working with blair and brown. It’s not to say I’m going to declare intention except that at this point in time, particularly with boris running as pm, tendency to green and labour rather than conservatives.


Listen again: [about listen from about 5-10mins before end]


Also, last week’s profile:–Policy-and-business-action-needed-on-climate–restoration-/

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