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March 8, 2013
Glacial Balance premieres in Prague
March 8, 2013
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Kino Lucerna and Glacial Balance


One of the main cinemas of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is the Kino Lucerna, housed in a 1920′s Art Deco building complex which consists of the cinema, shops, bars and kavarnas (coffee shops), as well as a warren of interconnecting underground tunnels which are home to a variety of clubs in which every party scene from Czech films from the 1970′s- 90′s were filmed (probably). The cinema itself is just beautiful, take a look:

I managed to get a seat for the premiere of Ethan Steinman’s Glacial Balance (2012), a visually stunning documentary detailing the ‘stories of the first victims of the melting glacier reserve’- lives affected not only in the regions in South America where the glaciers are, but the global effects of the loss of the glaciers, i.e. water shortage leading to crop shortages, leading to export loss, loss of livelihood, and forced migration. It is a balanced and well-told story which is genuinely informative, without portraying those filmed simply as desperate victims but as people who are adapting and reacting to the conditions they find themselves in.

See our interview with Ethan Steinman



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