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March 11, 2013
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Sofia’s Last Ambulance and Amazing Azerbaijan

A Bulgarian film is part of the festival and I  was really excited to get to interview one of the makers of the film – Tom Kirk. “Sofia’s Last Ambulance” is directed by Ilian Metev, Tom Kirk is sound operator and Dimitar Gotchev is producer of the production in co-operation between Bulgaria/Germany/Croatia. For the last year the film turned up to be one of the most successful productions in Europe winning many many awards from different International festivals. One of the reasons for me to be so excited about this film is because I am coming from Bulgaria and my home town is Sofia, also because I have experienced the ambulance problem in my town and know how what a huge problem it is for our country and capital.

Tom Kirk – Sofia’s Last Ambulance from Todorova on Web TV.


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Earlier the day and evening I was watching different films one of which was “Amazing Azerbaijan!”

My personal opinion is that this film may provoke changes , however there is no morality in the political world that will allow them. The history shows that in the war of power the most powerful will win. Ordinary people could make change, they could rise their voices and change the situation but there always is someone that will take the power in the end and this will change the person. I feel so sorry about the people in Azerbaijan! I may sound really like a pessimist, but following the reality in my country and the people in charge of “the power” I could say that the fight will be long. I hope that one day the World we know it at the moment will change. I hope that these films and the voice of the ordinary people will change something. But the people should change. Everyone sould start thinking about the one next to him, about the one that is hungry, about the one that has just one arm or a leg and actually do something to help these people. These feelings came into my head and heart when I was watching the film. I did watch a few more films about different countries and realised that the whole World is suffering and these films are showing what is there under the surface and we, including me as a young documentary producer, will have to keep making them.

“Amazing Azerbaujan!”


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