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March 11, 2013
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March 11, 2013
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Amazing experience with “Putin’s Kiss”

“Putin’s Kiss” has an amazing point of view at the political situation and the people in Russia. The director Lise Birk Pedersen (the link goes to an interesting article with an interview with her about the film) is not originaly from Russia, but from Denmark, which is complately different culture, athmosphere and politics but apparently her interest to Russia led her to Masha’s story and the film. It was interesting to know that the film is not coming originaly from Russia and when I was watching it I still felt the passion in the story and the way it was presented. The viewer can see both sides of the political movement, without any comments from the author of the film. This is quite amazing because most of the time people make film about another culture but cannot show what exactly is happaning there.

IMDB profile

Helle Faber is the producer of the film. She had a lecture at the IDF platform speaking about the little tricks in the production, the stages of the prodution of the film, followed by a lot of advices and tips. She was so kind to share with the audience about her experience and what has she learned during the production as well as how to approach the people from the industry for funding, strenghts and weaknesses. It was so amazing to meet someone that has produced a successful film and ready to answer all your questions.

Helle Faber producer Putin’s Kiss from Gergana Todorova on Web TV.






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