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March 7, 2013
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March 8, 2013
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Catherine Bernstein at Bio Ponrepo

As part of the East Doc Platform programme of events, I attended a screening of Catherine Bernstein’s Assasinant d’une Modiste (2005) at the charming Bio Ponrepo cinema.



The film is based on minimal archival material (three photos and a few letters), about the life of the director’s great aunt, Fanny Berger, a Jewish hat-maker living in Nazi occupied Paris. Bernstein’s use of archival footage and of inventories of  Berger’s possessions and basic rights, listed as they were taken away from her, reminded me of the work of  one of my favourite artsits, Christian Boltanski- who Bernstein also cited as an influence in making the film, in the interview for Ontente:

Click here to see the interview

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