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January 25, 2020
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February 5, 2020
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Deepen audience engagement


HUMANS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS and need to belong.  For business, turning your audience into a community can be a powerful strategy for success, wherever there are shared interests.

However, building community means more than gathering visitors at an event or on a website or app.  What’s key is creating interaction at a human level.

Successful organisations harness their audiences to increase brand awareness, understand  customers, improve outcomes, and build loyalty.  An engaged and growing community can support you but needs consistent, useful and timely communication.

The challenge for events

Many event executives see their challenges as:

  • publishing and producing media at its best – print, online, social, events;
  • creating and strengthening communities of interested parties within specific industry sectors;
  • capturing and generating innovative and industry leading ideas on national and international levels;
  • ensuring the end product combines the best design, content and customer service;
  • growing and expanding on an international scale.

These communities of interested parties are likely to pay to attend an event; however organisers create additional value when they deepen human interaction.

Deepening Engagement

We’ve identified three levels of audience engagement:

  • communities of interest: groups of people who share a common passion, about which they exchange thoughts and ideas.  However, they may know little about each other outside this area.
  • communities of practice: groups of people with a shared passion who learn how to improve, intentionally or otherwise, as they interact regularly.
  • communities of inquiry: groups of individuals involved in a process of empirical or conceptual inquiry into challenges.

Contented Communities

Bringing people together can be a challenge, especially when your group is spread out geographically.  Communities often form when people want to explore a passion, theme or topic.  How do you go about bringing these people together? And how do you keep them connected?

Our aim is to develop a creative learning community of professionals around the world using storytelling and peer-coaching to address complex challenges in their lives and others’.

We build exhibitors’ experience by:

  • preparing them for the event by building narratives before, during and after their events;
  • tracking learning throughout the journey;
  • creating content they can use and build upon throughout the year.

To explore your challenges with us, please email enquiry[at]

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