Open and collaborative business development events to kick-start new opportunities.graphic of whirlwind with overlaid text

Spend one day working in a multidisciplinary team to create and pitch concepts in response to a brief.  Develop creative tools and networks to grow your business and inspire new projects.

Whirlwind Labs are aimed at creative professionals who want to investigate developing innovative products and services to engage new audiences. Whether it’s a tablet film, creative workshop, pop-up TV channel, smartphone app or cross-media documentary, the Whirlwind Lab is a safe, creative environment where you can generate and explore ideas with like-minded professionals.

Whirlwind Labs can lead to an invitation to join one of our Ontente co-productions. Select participants are invited to work with Contented and our networks to develop and test-market these concepts with real client prospects abroad.

Opportunities to participate in Ontente co-productions vary from production to production, according to our partners, country, brief, size and type of the event.  Find out more and apply for the next Ontente co-production.

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Rules of Engagement for Whirlwind cover rights, confidentiality and relationships.