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Know a graduate who cares about the planet?

Young creative jobs

Jenny and Ryan took their first job with Contented and found confidence and direction.

Do you know a graduate who cares about the planet?

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD the word about our fully-funded and flexible sustainability traineeships for young people on UK benefits.

They need to be quick – the deadline is 1st March, so they will have to speak asap with their Job Coaches and get a CV sent to

What you might do

The roles involve working as a team to research and create content. We want to shine a light on how infrastructure supply chains around the world are responding to climate change and embedding social justice.

You’ll work online and at industry events local to you, where relevant.

You’ll earn £6,000 from the Kickstart programme – officially, for 25 hours per week over six months.  But we’re quite flexible about your working hours, days, and time-off for courses, holidays, festivals and protests!

How we’ll support you

We’ve put together an impressive team of trainers/mentors and coaches who have audited Jaguar, written for Forbes, advised the UN, made BBC TV and facilitated Company Directors’ learning.

We’ll also pay your membership of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners – here you can get to know some of the world’s sustainability leaders.

Choose a sustainability role

Desirable would be a Level 5 / Bachelor’s degree (in anything) with an interest in engineering, business, marketing, psychology, languages, design skills, and great spoken and written English.

Importantly, you’ll have a passion for sustainability, curiosity, and courage.

Take a look at the following roles, then tell us what you’d really like to do:

Make your match

Please forward to anyone you think might be able to get this out there.

And if you’d be willing to facilitate an introduction to a company in the infrastructure supply chain, please let us know!

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