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July 11, 2017
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Smart questions for a better world?

Stimulating insights

BELOW ARE SIX questions our clients and partners are asking about urban development and future cities. These were teased out through a series of creative workshops in a ‘community of enquiry’.

This week, we’re at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona seeking new insights into these and many more.

If you’d like to join the conversations, please get in touch.

1. How can we better embed Health & Quality of Life into the economic agenda?

2. How can we visualise relationships to ensure safe, fair and reliable transport of people and goods?

3. How can we engage voluntary and community sector in academic research?

4. What business models are being created for developers or end users?

5. What can we learn through, from and for  nature?

6. How can we visualise 20 years hence?

What questions are you asking? Why do you feel they are important?

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