This page showcases some of the media work from delegates on our ONTENTE international Study Tours and Innovation Adventures, alongside samples from more experimental projects.

Work created by delegates of the ONTENTE International Programme:

This interview with award winning Director Tinatin Gurchiani was filmed and edited by delegates during the 2013 One World International Human Rights Festival. See other selected work from this playlist on our YouTube channel.

The promotional piece below was filmed during the opening days of the Scanorama Film Festival in 2012. See other documentary interviews from delegates on this Ontente International Programme on the playlist on our YouTube channel.

The following piece is an experimental film to communicate the experience of being a delegate on the Ontente Programme in the Spanish Pyrenees in 2014.

The brief was to communicate a transformational experience. You can judge for yourself if this delegate’s filmed response fulfilled the brief.

This promotional film was developed by a delegate during our pilot Ontente Programme to Warsaw, in a very different way it’s brief to give a sense of the experience of being a delegate.