• Want to earn a better return on market visits, trade shows or trade missions?
  • Do you struggle to recall what you learned and the people who told you?
  • Do you want to stand out among your competitors?

We can help you gain extra leverage from your investment in market visits and trade shows

Why an innovation adventure?

You know it’s essential to expand into new markets if you want to grow your business. Especially in the face of today’s fierce competition.

As a leader, you’re always looking for where you can trade your products and services: exporting overseas, and adapting for low carbon, smart city, life science or other new markets at home or abroad.

But many people fail to plan properly, missing out on the chance to leverage the new knowledge, relationships and ‘time out’ these visits create. Don’t wait until you get home to realise what you should have done while away.

Working closely with other support organisations, Contented can help you and your team maximise your investment – then share, capture and promote your experience and insights. An adventure in innovation.

What we Offer

  • Workshops and research identify objectives, the right place to go, the people to meet and to take.
    It needn’t be only about sales.
  • Access to demonstrator projects and people who’ve faced your challenges. Leadership and innovation experiences for your team, suppliers or partners.
  • Executive coaching and professional media capture and share your insights and learning journey. Become a thought-leader in your target markets.
  • A press campaign around your visit.  Get another perspective from a trade editorial briefing.
  • Publishing workshops help you level-up your skills. So you can manage better next time.
  • Support with action planning and follow-up on your return

What clients say

You added great value to both trade missions. Thanks.

CEO Health Smart Midlands Ltd

Great for professional & business growth. My team could watch the interviews after – and we put them on the website too. So helpful, I took you twice.

Principal Consultant, Progressive Concept Consultancy Ltd

Thank you and the crew for helping us throughout this adventure week into the arena of Smart Cities. It has been fantastic. Well done to you all.

Economic Partnerships & Investment Manager, City Council

I’ve told my team about your learning journeys: every business should embark on one.

Executive Officer for Innovation, Local Enterprise Partnership

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A SmartCity Learning Adventure

We guided a small group of UK managers around the international SmartCity Expo in Barcelona, supported by input from our own technical experts and contacts, and those of our partners. The interest was in smart technology as applied to a city environment with the intention of stimulating ideas.  

We supported them through daily workshops to plan their meetings, develop their insights and communicate them to internal teams and external markets using digital media. In this case, they filmed interviews and working demonstrators in several locations.  

Participants valued the introductions to potential contacts, practical advice and new ways of thinking, as well as new tools for sharing their knowledge in interesting ways. It's proved valuable to our clients, as people return home and translate their new-found enthusiasm to their colleagues. We worked closely with international trade advisors both in the UK and Spain.

An Innovation Story: Health Smart
Creating new product and partnership

Health Smart Midlands Ltd delivers health-based services and products on behalf of Clinical Commissioning Groups and their partners. The company offers cost-effective solutions to organisations like the UK’s NHS or local authorities, helping to tackle health inequality.

Entrepreneur Emaan Syed had won work through a trade expo in the Middle East but, with little experience working on the European mainland, she was referred to Contented by a local university. and we invited her to a workshop with delegates from eight other clients. She set an objective to explore new approaches to engaging hard-to-reach families.

Our team liaised with representatives of UK trade and the audiovisual industry and built a schedule around an international cross-platform film market in Prague and a trade mission to Brno. With each delegates on a personalised programme, daily coaching workshops brought them together to share insights, plans and digital content created. With our support and guidance, they then edited and published short updates t otheir team or market on their company channels.

Inspired by what she had learned, on her return she grabbed the headlines with a public health campaign using augmented reality. She then joined us at the international SmartCities Expo in Sofia where we introduced her to potential suppliers and helped her develop a partnership to access public funding for a new mobile application.