Contented delivers a range of workshops to guide people and business through changing global markets. We can develop bespoke workshops for your organisations needs or you can choose to attend one of our regular series of events.

Whirlwind Lab is the name for our business development workshops. Find out more about these one day, investigative sessions.

Our open and bespoke workshops develop the skills and attributes needed to identify and address relevant issues around sustainability and corporate and social responsibility in the personal and professional lives of you and your team.

Many of today’s problems are non-linear in nature, which means that they are related to the many different systems around us: some of which we have set up ourselves (knowingly or otherwise) and others over which we have no control. So it’s not always possible to jump directly to a solution.

Contented creates real learning environments where delegates can experience and think through the challenges individually and together.
We support and lead them through this process, helping them draw out and apply their own learning.

Many of our workshops can be taken as standalone modules or mapped to formal frameworks such as the Institute of Leadership & Management.