Nós ajudamos a planear visitas a exibições, feiras internacionais e conferências, para que possa maximizar o retorno do seu investimento, promover a inovação e ligar-se às pessoas que são mais importantes para si e para o seu negócio:

Our challenge was to help organisations justify the cost of attending. Thanks so much for facilitating so brilliantly. That really made it!

Executive Director, International Publishing & Events Agency

You added great value to both trade missions. Great idea to work the halls as a collective.

CEO Health Smart Midlands Ltd

Great for professional & business growth. My team found the video interviews engaging — and we used them for marketing too.

Principal Consultant, Progressive Concept Consultancy Ltd

Thank you and the crew for helping us throughout this adventure into the arena of Smart Cities. It has been fantastic!

Economic Partnerships & Investment Manager, City Council

I've told my team about your learning journeys: every business should embark on one.

Executive Officer for Innovation, Local Enterprise Partnership