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May 11, 2019
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May 11, 2019
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A welcome from our script editor

Welcome to Story

A message from Jaemes Gregory, professional script editor and tutor on The Hero Hidden Within.

We’d like to welcome you aboard our award-winning ONTENTE programme as we prepare to set off for our next Hero’s Journey. It feels quite something that we’re now in our ninth year exploring ventures around Europe. We’re grateful for the support this year of Warwick University, Santander and the UK Lottery Fund.

Over time, our facilitators, hosts and participants have begun to feel at heart like part of a storytelling family, increasingly scattered around the world. Indeed, our vision sees our networks expanding as a global tribe; a group of professionals using the power of story to support each other’s development, and working together to learn how this miraculous art can deepen our understanding of the human spirit.

Through the ages, story has always contained a universal message that human life runs deeper than our disillusionment would have it seem; that there is actually a purpose, a true self, which each of us is trying to attain. The psychology teaches us that, if we think of our lives as stories, then there must be something at stake if we don’t discover that purpose.

For us, at Contented, the high stakes are nothing less than the survival of the human race world — perhaps best illustrated by the United Nations’ sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement. We humans can be our own worst enemies and it is our very selves that strap us down and stop us responding to that ‘calling’: the opportunity which most likely provides the answer we are truly looking for. 

No story worth telling is easy for any protagonist. So we can’t expect changing our own lives to be easy. We are all different characters with diverse aspirations, motivations, complexities and points of views colliding in the greatest story ever told. We’ve been mushed together in an intense world ruled by forms and convention, systems and laws which often seem to contradict each other. It makes us ask “what’s the point of all this hustle and bustle? Why does this obstacle keep blocking our way?

Story inspires us to find our own individuality, our uniqueness, and allow it to shine over any wall that stands in our way; deep down we know how to solve our problems — moreover, each of us is the only one.

So, are you ready to dive a little deeper? Are you ready to demystify the ancient monomyth that is the hero’s journey? You are the hero of your own making and we are here to welcome you onto a new adventure with us. You’re on this planet to experience all that it is to be human,. Your road ahead will help us answer the eternal questions you seek; who you are and how we are to each other? What is your story and how can it benefit you and those around you?

Everyone has a story to tell. Are you ready to realize yours?

The Hero Hidden Within runs as four webinars, available from May 2019.
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