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November 17, 2016
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July 11, 2017
ARMIES ARE RED, Churches are blue. We think we’re yellow… How about you?
With all the talk of new markets for business, how do organisations actually engage different cultures?

In our office, we’ve been analysing cultural models to understand how different people perceive their world. What’s their view on the purpose of business? Prof Clare Graves showed different ways in which individuals value growth in families, companies and societies. Beck and Cowan designated colours for each outlook and created Spiral Dynamics.

With learning at the heart of all we do, how can we help our clients innovate the way they communicate? Please tell us what you think.

BEIGE: An archaic/instinctive perspective, explored through the idea of “Life is survival.”
PURPLE: A tribal/animistic view that “Life is in the lap of the Gods.”
RED: Explored through Armies with impulsive and egocentric desires; “Life is a battleground.”
BLUE: Example: Churches. A sense of sacrifice to a higher belief. “Life is God’s will and law.”
ORANGE: A strategic or Machiavellian desire for personal gain. “Life is what we have and own.”
GREEN: Communitarian motivation to free society from greed.“Life is community and precious.”
YELLOW: Integrative knowledge & acceptance of others.“Life is learning and continual change.”
TURQUOISE: Holistic. Motivated to help everything connect. “Life is an evolving interactive whole”. Self is both distinct and part of a larger, compassionate whole."
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