unintended consequences of constraints
The unintended consequences of constraint
March 5, 2020
Data dashboard wins American creative award
May 18, 2020
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Sensing change

“Reality is one, though wise men speak of it variously.”
The Rigveda, (1500 -1200 BCE)

IT’S HEART-WARMING TO SEE so many of our tribe of alumni and other supporters keeping in touch (metaphorically) throughout this tragic pandemic.  Now that governments around the world have effectively pressed pause on their dysfunctional economies, we must be determined to make the most of this hiatus to help create a better world.  One way to act is to make sure we share our authentic stories, those that remind us afterwards what it is to be human.  First, we need to capture them and find our voices.

This liminal space of ambiguity and disorientation — that unknown world in the hero’s journey of ancient mythology — is a powerful place of transformation and learning.

As in the story of The Blind men and an Elephant, while one’s subjective experience is true, it may not be the totality.  We cannot understand the whole system alone.  So we invited people we knew (and didn’t) to share text, images or sound about what they are noticing — internally as well as externally.  All contributions are being edited and posted anonymously.  Here, we will be sharing some of the contributions.  You can send yours here – don’t forget to add an image.

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