Ontente, our international Learning Production, returns in 2013-14 to Czech Republic,  Lithuania and Poland. Plus we are introducing new partners in Southern Europe, including Spain. Below we present snapshots of our earlier programmes. Prague, Czech Republic 2012 2013 and 2014 East Documentary Platform at the One World International Human Rights Film Festival. Vilnius, Lithuania 2012 & 2013, Scanorama film festival featuring UN human rights ambassador Liv Ullman, with the UK-Baltic coproduction forum. Warsaw, Poland  2011,  CorporateWatch (sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers) at the WatchDocs international human rights film festival. The following promo film, made by participants on Warsaw 2012, gives a feel of the collaborative nature of the programmes in developing business, professional and cultural skills.

Pyrenees, Catalunya- May 2014

This was our first programme in Spain and with a focus on sustainable business the delegates took advantage of the opportunities to speak directly to local businesses who had an emphasis on social responsibility. With a brief to create content that communicates transformational experiences, our team were met with mental and physical challenges surrounding leadership, responsible business and storytelling.  Here is the resulting video which is a non-sales approach to marketing communications.

Prague, Czech Republic – March 2014

From the outset our team of delegates were full of questions, about structures, about business, even about getting to Prague in the first place. Here are some of the individual reflections from this years’s team.

When I told people I would be travelling by train to Prague, the general response was “are you mad?” This never usually puts me off, if anything it usually spurs me on! However, what was interesting was that when I explained why and what I saw as the benefits and comparisons compared to taking a flight, their opinions now changed. Read Alistair’s Blog

Read some of our delegate’s thoughts and reflections as they journal during their time on placement.


Vilnius, Lithuania – November 2013

Lithuania is taking the stage as one of the most innovative countries in the European Union. Here we presented to waste company and attended a conference on renewable energy, an industry event on digital technology and app development as well as a for film market masterclasses.  Creative Europe also presented gaming and digital media in relation to audience development. So we once again redesigned the production in order to create a space for new talent to emerge.


Prague, Czech Republic – March 2013

2 to 14 March 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic based at the the East Doc Platform industry event. Participants also had access to the One World International Human Rights Film Festival. They worked as part of a team to generate content about themes that emerged from the industry platform, publishing them as Pop-up WebTV, while reflecting upon their experiences of the film festival, personal and professional development on a shared confidential blogging platform. As festival delegates, they attended screenings and events where they could liaise with staff and network and interview industry professionals. Film events and activities were captured, edited and uploaded to the website. Materials were also considered by the festival for presentation on their website. They also wrote about their experience during the placement. By the end of the placement they had a portfolio of material to enhance their CVs


Vilnius, Lithuania – November 2012

Arguably Europe’s most ancient civilisation, Lithuania is taking the stage as one of the most innovative countries in the European Union. Here we worked closely with one of the leading and innovative production companies in the Baltics, as well as participating in the UK-Baltic coproduction forum chaired by British film producer Nik Powell. Era Film, headed by Rasa Miskinyte, sets out to create film for the next era and wanted to explore new approaches to production. So we redesigned the production in order to create a space for new talent to emerge.