ONTENTE 2019: Facilitator Development


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Our flagship programme builds business networks, and the story and skills to engage them. Photo: Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, by Felicia Jackson


Facilitator Development




  • Resources – VIA/ILM
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  • Contented Conference, 30 September 2019

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Here are some resources to read:

Using story prototyping in a design-thinking framework.

Legendary physicist David Bohm on what stops us listening to each other.

A trillion-dollar business opportunity.


The Hero Within, Part 1

In the first episode of his storytelling module, professional script editor Jaemes Gregory lifts the bonnet on a classic film to illustrate how professionals deploy the Hero’s Journey framework for storytelling.  Here, he looks at the first chapters of Campbell’s analysis focusing on The Never-ending Story.

Click here to listen to Part 1

Copyright law prevents us showing the film – you can view your own version at the following link.


Peer-Coaching Support

Follow this link to book your place on one of our regular Mindset learning group sessions. [Doodle link]


This module is recognised by ILM / Institute of Leadership and Management as part of our programme Creative Leadership for InnovationAssessment Brief