ONTENTE 2019: Act I, The Ordinary World


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Our flagship programme builds business networks, and the story and skills to engage them. Photo: Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, by Felicia Jackson


Act I: The Ordinary World





  • The business case: Story for change and engagement
  • The Hero Within, Part 1
  • Doodle link for future learning sets
  • Contented Conference, 30 September 2019

The business case for story: change and engagement

In the part of this module, we support you in exploring how story mechanisms can support both change and audience engagement.  The assessment task invites you to show your comprehensive understanding of the concept of storytelling and the practice of telling concise stories. You should introduce the rationale for storytelling to your organisation by justifying and applying story mechanisms in supporting change and audience engagement.


Here are some resources to read:

Using story prototyping in a design-thinking framework.

Legendary physicist David Bohm on what stops us listening to each other.

A trillion-dollar business opportunity.

The Hero Within, Part 1

In the first episode of his storytelling module, professional script editor Jaemes Gregory lifts the bonnet on a classic film to illustrate how professionals deploy the Hero’s Journey framework for storytelling.  Here, he looks at the first chapters of Campbell’s analysis focusing on The Never-ending Story.

Click here to listen to Part 1

Copyright law prevents us showing the film – you can view your own version at the following link.


Peer-Coaching Support

Follow this link to book your place on one of our regular Mindset learning group sessions. [Doodle link]


This module is recognised by ILM / Institute of Leadership and Management as part of our programme Creative Leadership for InnovationAssessment Brief