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Develop your workforce and knowledge network to future-proof your organisation.

A NEW WAVE OF GLOBAL RISKS is transforming the way companies are valued.  The pace of change is relentless.
COVID, climate, Brexit, Black Lives, algorithms, recession…  from pandemics to politics, environment and technology.  Customers, investors, governments and employees are all rewriting the rules. It’s disrupting everyone across your business and its value chain.
You need an organisation that adapts with its surroundings.  It’s called a Learning Organisation.

You and your team are under pressure to deliver value while addressing complex challenges. You need information and space to think and innovate; to process and communicate. You need to continuously align to, and influence, your audiences’ perspectives and behaviours, as they evolve.
At Contented, we develop organisations that listen and learn, telling emotional stories that inspire.
Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks (archive)

Harness change to achieve the
business goals

How well do you measure and manage internal sustainability and external threats and opportunities? Do you know enough to recognise these strengths and weaknesses? Are you feeling unprepared for even tougher reporting?

The Paris climate agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals are now becoming commercial realities because policymakers are finally acting.
That means new reporting, operations, strategy and communications, both internal and external.

It’s a huge opportunity if you get it right but many people don’t know where to start. Skill-up and face the challenge.

Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks (archive)

Prepare for tighter reporting and
supply chain challenges

Do you understand the dangers to your business of changing regulation, customer expectations and volatile supply chains? How are you preparing for tougher reporting, materials you can’t access, and responsibility for your product once your customer has finished with it? Is it becoming difficult to identify opportunities and to develop a corporate strategy?

Risk-return trade-offs are transforming as investment is redefined based on Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. Public finance is increasing red tape.

Be ready for the challenge of increasing regulation, fluctuating costs and availability of resources.

Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks (archive)

Embed resilience and agility among
your people

How well do your staff recognise the impact of their decisions? Are they innovating to benefit not just the company but the employees, planet and other stakeholders too? Do you struggle to attract the best people?

Organisations are dying because they can’t respond to culture shocks or complex operating conditions. We face a systemic problem – and solving it means asking deep questions about some of the basic assumptions which shape how businesses behave.

Embed resilience, agility and adaptability across the whole company to respond to continual change.

Our products

Free Webinar: prepare for the next disruption Gap analysis: how well can you adapt? One-day design workshops Prototype your sustainable learning organisation
The role of communications in addressing COVID, climate and other complex challenges. Explore your risk profile; evaluate your organisation’s agility and resilience.

Benchmark your coaching culture against EMCC Global’s International Standard.

Sustainable finance and risk management.

Your strategic learning organisation.

Developing thought-leadership

Digital storytelling

Facilitating action-learning.

Write a workforce and knowledge plan.

Support learning & development, sustainability and risk management.

Story for a better world

The biggest current challenge is the change from COVID combined with a green transition. Many businesses don’t understand what that means. Everything that has been discussed by governments is becoming a commercial reality because policymakers are taking action. It’s a huge opportunity if you get it right but most people don’t know where to start.”

Tell authentic stories of how your products and services are helping create a smarter, safer and participatory world.
Position your company as a thought-leader; by inspiring innovation and disseminating knowledge; support statutory reporting and earn awards you can display.
Skill-up your staff to develop and promote great partnerships and projects you can talk about.
Contented builds learning organisations, helping you engage and inspire the stakeholder audiences who matter.

Story for a better world.

You ain’t seen nothing yet – the 2008 financial crash and COVID were just warm-ups. The really scary waves of global disruption are on us now. There’s no Googling this one and a Big Consultancy can’t help when it’s too late.”
“Companies cannot afford to cling to the status quo, avoid change, and hope that things will remain steady. They must embrace the idea that learning is critical to their business models and jobs; they need to transform into learning organisations. In the absence of learning, companies—and individuals—simply repeat old practices.”

Our professional education and knowledge management will help you understand the implications for your business in a changing world and develop a workforce for the future.

  • How is finance and the business environment changing?
  • What’s happening with materials, technology and supply chains?
  • How can you develop an organisation that adapts to risks and opportunities?

While senior managers may be interested in big-picture conversations, more junior employees will value insight into how their jobs might change.

With a workforce more aware of its impact, staff start to think sustainably, and real improvements can be made. It benefits not just the company but the employees and planet too.

Your business needs to operate as a sustainable learning organisation that adapts with its changing environment.

Benchmark your organisational culture

Organisations are increasingly moving away from traditional training in favour of building coaching cultures. Rather than tackling delegated assignments and solving problems as they arise, coaching empowers employees to work through challenges by guiding them to solutions. Strong coaching cultures can lead to increased employee engagement, productivity, improved team function and increased revenue growth.  In partnership with EMCC Global we can create gap analysis of ISMCP (Bronze, Silver, Gold).  We can also work with company to identify gap in knowledge too.


Embed financial sustainability and social legitimacy

Incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into business decisions, economic development, and investment strategies across the organisation. This includes risk awareness, sustainable finance, accounting and circular economy.  Many finance leaders have responsibility for some of this and do not know where to start.

An endless flow of business crises has shown the harm of focussing purely on profits and maximising shareholder value. We face a systematic problem – and solving it means asking deep questions about some of the basic assumptions which shape how businesses behave.

The best people are turned-off by organisations whose only purpose is attracting shareholders and generating profit.

More and more people, in particular millennials, are attracted to organisations that have a purpose other than just generating profit and attracting shareholders.

To attract and retain talent, businesses understand that they need to shift to a more-rounded purpose-driven focus.


Embed resilience and agility across the company

Embed resilience, agility and adaptability across the whole company to respond to constant change and align the company’s goals.

The fundamentals are changing in the way we do business and the regulatory tax and financing frameworks we have used, and this is going to disrupt our businesses.  Businesses that survive and prosper in response to these culture shocks are those that can react to complex operating conditions. They will by necessity be agile, resilient, adaptable and flexible.

You need to understand the big picture and specific issues are going to affect your business.  Then you can implement training and design workshops to think differently about how to solve those problems.

With a workforce more aware of its impact, staff start to think sustainably and real improvements can be made. It benefits not just the company but the employees and planet too.


Plug the brain drain and become a thought-leader in your industry

It’s only by processing that you recognise your learning. As part of the change process, we help your people embed new knowledge and understanding by working together to generate and share professional thought-leadership content.  Our processes and tools include training, coaching and media co-production to build personal and business brands, and provide outreach for the company. We help to mould leaders and their thinking and to convert that into knowledge.  If clients are too busy to write, we can provide frameworks to help.  We can then tidy and weave the output and enhance presentation.

Leverage your events to position your company as a thought-leader. Harness the collective intelligence of your team to generate insights into sector challenges.

“When staff are engaged, curious, and in a constant process of self-reflection, collaboration, and growth, this benefits the company as a whole. However, this means that the company must set up a culture wherein learning is encouraged and promoted, and where employees feel not only safe to communicate their opinions, but driven to challenge themselves and bring new ideas to the table.”

International Recognition

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I’ve told my team about your learning journeys: every business should embark on one.

Executive Officer for Innovation, Local Enterprise Partnership

Great for professional & business growth. My team found the video interviews engaging — and we used them for marketing too.

Principal, Progressive Concept Consultancy Ltd

Thank you and the crew for helping us throughout this adventure into the arena of Smart Cities. It has been fantastic!

Economic Partnerships & Investment Manager, City Council

Our challenge was to help organisations justify the cost of attending. Thanks so much for facilitating so brilliantly. That really made it!

Executive Director, International Transport Agency

You added great value to both trade missions. Great idea to work the halls as a collective.

CEO Health Smart Midlands Ltd

How we work with you



Much more than senior international consultants, we are experienced creative facilitators and content producers.  This work is valuable because it generates positive feedback loops and engages the audiences who matter.



Quality writing, images, video production and data visualisation to engage the people who matter to your business.



Develop teams, generate and promote thought-leadership via our certified training.



Develop your people and their story to support organisational learning and adaptation.



Capture insights and apply learning to facilitate innovation.



Take confidence in our rigorous processes, underpinned by international research partnerships and our passion for the planet.