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Performance improvement, extreme weather disruptions, resource scarcity, social and demographic change are leading companies and their stakeholders to engage in corporate and social responsibility and sustainability agendas. These are already complex processes and economic uncertainty puts additional strain on budgets. Sustainability investments need to demonstrate returns.

Managers can run organisations more effectively when they embed critical and pertinent issues into their corporate strategy. These issues can include access to emerging markets, environment (carbon, water, waste), financial inclusion, human rights, impact evaluation, reporting & transparency, stakeholder engagement and sustainable supply chains. A big question for business is where to focus your investment.

Contented helps:

  • identify the issues most likely to significantly influence the decisions, actions and performance of your organisation and stakeholders;
  • design and test innovative projects to turn sustainability and responsibility into an engine of value, rather than an expense.

We work with clients to understand risks, opportunities and obligations over the short, medium and longer term as they impact on future earnings or competitive positioning. We work across marketing and human resources to ensure that projects engage the most relevant stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, investors and/or your community.

Strategic corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is part of an overall movement to make business more sustainable – considering enterprises’ impact on society and the environment. Sustainability reporting, for example, is about accountability and transparency about the inputs, outputs and impacts of business operations: such as governance, supply chain, ethics and integrity, greenhouse gas emissions and energy, anti-corruption and environmental impacts.

Not only are regulators, governments and pressure groups demanding it but these are increasingly becoming key ways by which you are judged by those on whom you depend. Greenwash and spin are no longer viable options.