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Develop your teams and insight to future-proof your enterprise.

INVESTORS, LENDERS AND REGULATORS are driving companies to publish their impact on the environment and society. Some clients are already insisting on carbon reduction plans.

Larger companies are cascading this requirement across their supply chains: to avoid accusations of greenwash, they need hard data to align with Science-based Targets.

Climate risk, net zero targets and the Sustainable Development Goals are changing the world in which you’re operating.  It’s part of a global transition to a world where everything’s connected: from managing waste, to clean energy, avoiding modern slavery and attracting the best people.


Contented will help you to develop leadership and foresight, and to prove your business has matters in hand.

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s a competitive advantage. Get on board or get left behind.

prepare disruption address change

Build expertise within your team – Flex delivery around your location – Communicate effectively with your stakeholders

A NEW WAVE OF GLOBAL RISKS is transforming the way companies are valued.  The pace of change is relentless.

COVID, climate, Brexit, Black Lives, algorithms, recession…  from pandemics to politics, environment and technology.  Customers, investors, governments and employees are all rewriting the rules. It’s disrupting everyone across your business and its value chain.

You need an organisation that adapts with its surroundings.  It’s called a Learning Organisation.

Your commitment and journey towards low carbon and sustainability is a great message and an inspiring story for all your stakeholders.


We can support you and your supply chain to

  • think and act more sustainably
  • share best practice, improve collaboration, and innovate
  • set and report your own science-based targets
  • map and communicate using data science
  • train, coach and plan for achievable outcomes
  • support your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.
Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks and sustainable learning organisations

Harness change to achieve your business goals

It’s a huge opportunity if you get it right but many people don’t know where to start. Skill-up and face the challenge.

How well do you measure and manage internal sustainability and external threats and opportunities? Do you know enough to recognise these strengths and weaknesses? Are you feeling unprepared for even tougher reporting?

The Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are now driving decisions, changing commercial realities because policymakers are taking action. That means new reporting, operations, strategy and communications, both internal and external.

• Threats and opportunities are measured and managed
• You are prepared for tougher reporting regimes
• Your internal and external communications strategies are kept updated.

It’s a huge opportunity if you get it right but many people don’t know where to start. Skill-up and face the challenge.

Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks and sustainable learning organisations

Prepare for stricter reporting and supply chain challenges

Assess your readiness for sustainable finance, new reporting requirements and price volatility.

Do you understand the dangers to your business of changing regulation, customer expectations and volatile supply chains? How are you preparing for tougher reporting, materials you can’t access, and end-of-life responsibility for your product once the customer has finished with it? Is it more challenging to identify the right opportunities and develop your corporate strategy?

Risk-return trade-offs are transforming as investment is redefined based on Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. Public finance is increasing red tape.

• Emerging risks are understood and monitored
• Costing and reporting frameworks for new business conditions are prepared
• A supply chain resilience plan is implemented.

Be ready for the challenge of increasing regulation, price volatility and availability of resources.

Prize b2b communications, knowledge networks and sustainable learning organisations

Embed sustainability and agility among your people

Benchmark your company culture and ability to adapt to constant change.

How well do your staff recognise the impact of their decisions? Are they innovating to make real improvements that benefit not just the company but other employees, stakeholders and the planet too? Do you struggle to attract the best people?

Organisations are failing because they are unable to adapt to economic and cultural shocks or other complex operating conditions. We face a systemic problem. Solving it means asking deep questions about some of the basic assumptions which shape how businesses behave.

• Staff anticipate threats and opportunities
• The best people want to work with you
• The company thrives in times of change
• Company knowledge is secure when people move on

Embed resilience, agility and adaptability across the whole company to respond to continual change.

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