Meet our team...

Contented brings together experienced organisational change practitioners and content producers working internationally with business-to-business (b2b) communications.

Gerard Davies

Gerard Davies, Director

Gerard is an experienced facilitator of organisational learning and behaviour, using communications to support responsible business growth. A British producer and educator, he read physics and music at university before working as foreign correspondent for The Guardian, The Times, The Australian, and the BBC in Latin America and Eastern Europe, and leading the global research team on an award-winning documentary. He went on to work with investors and digital entrepreneurs, experimenting with the use of media for innovation and culture change in businesses, schools and communities, supporting organisations across Europe, Africa and Asia. He is a gold SFEDI-approved social enterprise and business advisor, and fellow of both the Institute for Learning and the Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures. He has a BSc from the University of Wales and an MSc in Responsible Business practice from the University of Bath. In his spare time, he plays cornet with the RAF at the home of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering.
Gerard is a media producer and facilitator of organisational learning and behaviour.

Felicia Jackson

Felicia Jackson, Cleantech Specialist

Felicia is one of the UK's top speakers and strategists on low carbon technology and finance, and an accomplished facilitator. She leads many of our client workshops, research and consultancy projects, using creative processes such as permaculture to help participants align their interests with global, public and organisational policies. She is an experienced entrepreneur and author focusing on the impact of sustainability and the cleantech revolution on policy, economics, investment and industry, with extensive experience managing stakeholder teams and chairing round-table groups around the globe. Felicia is also a fellow at London University's Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, teaching on the Global Energy and Climate Policy MSc.
An experienced entrepreneur and author focusing on the impact of sustainability and the low carbon revolution.

John Dooner

John Dooner, Learning Specialist

John takes a lead for Contented on embedding emotional intelligence in our programmes and leads on work with Birmingham City University’s STEAM House. He has designed and delivered a high-level Workplace Skills (emotional intelligence) programme incorporating developmental coaching, and has delivered and facilitated Appreciative Enquiry processes to support organisational development, conflict resolution and mediation programmes in partnership with HR colleagues. He has also delivered development coaching and personal coaching to many individuals to enable them to plan their way out of "stuck" situations. He’s delivered customer care training to University and College teams, working with worked with Senior Management Teams across the education sector, developing sustainable approaches, up-skilling support workers, improving learner behaviour and developing Trainer & Lecturer Skills-Post 16. His specialities are conflict resolution, raising self esteem and self acceptance, goal clarification, behaviour, negotiation skills, confidence boosters, Appreciative Enquiry. He also rivals Chris as our best in-house barrista.
John has delivered development and personal coaching to many individuals to enable them to plan their way out of "stuck" situations.

Raquel de Mingo

Raquel de Mingo, Australia & Pacific Specialist

Across Australia, China, India, Europe and Latin America, Raquel has gained a broad range of cross-cultural skills and experience with companies and global projects. A highly-trained business consultant and leadership facilitator, developing sustainable business processes, core management strategies and operational improvements, she is passionate about improving companies and people. In India, she negotiated contracts with agents and stockists. In China, she advised on Chinese Government protocol and business authorisation processes and was responsible for developing business in eight Latin American countries, negotiating and closing contracts worth US$25 million in five months. She works in six languages (fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, conversant in Mandarin, with knowledge of Indonesian.)
In China, she advised on government protocols and developed US$25m of business across Latin American. Raquel speaks six languages.

Yue Ting Cheng

Yue Ting Cheng, Fintech Specialist

Yue Ting specialises in digital media and communications, setting up infrastructure and running social media for campaigns, working in partnership with personalities from politics to film. He has experience across government, youth leadership, transport, film/TV production and the insurance industry, including helping organisations engage young people and upskill staff. His work has also embraced leadership, training policy, political operations, events and logistics. Previously, he worked at the Ministry of Justice, Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office Strategy Unit, and as an aide to the Minister of Further & Higher Education.
Yue Ting has set up infrastructure and run social media for numerous campaigns, working in partnership with personalities from politics to film.

Yomi Ayeni

Yomi Ayeni, Media Producer

A facilitator in crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding, British digital creative Yomi Ayeni has led innovative and immersive projects across the USA and Europe. As well as pioneering new ways of engaging audiences, he's developed original content, creating product placement and branded content opportunities, developing digital and social media strategies, and managing online interactions between the audience and content. Working with prestigious clients, from the BBC to the Wellcome Trust, Yomi has garnered a string of awards including an IndieGogo Best Crowdfunded Campaign and Broadcast magazine’s Best Use New Media for an interactive-reality TV programme, Global Emissions. He has worked on global campaigns and managed production teams across time zones, developing innovative commercial projects to demonstrate and illustrate new revenue streams. He developed Clockwork Watch, a co-created story told through graphic novels, live events, online and film. He has a Masters Degree in Interactive Media from Westminster University. With digital technology now extending into every corner of modern life, Yomi believes that it is time to develop strategies that go beyond. His viewers or users are often willing participants or brand ambassadors and he recognises that, once engaged, they can become powerful amplifiers.
Engaged audiences become willing brand ambassadors and powerful amplifiers of a message.

Will Carey

Will Carey, Design Specialist

Will has worked with a number of brands, from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations such as Intel, Aston University and Premiership Rugby. The work was primarily based around the different aspects of digital design. In 2010, Will was involved in the innovation of the world's first computer-based virtual tour, which allowed users to browse the historic Hurd Library at Hartlebury Castle in 3D, using their web browser and a pair of red/cyan (anaglyph) glasses.
Will was involved in the innovation of the world's first computer-based tour virtual tour.

Marcelo Meireles da Maia

Marcelo Meireles da Maia, Video Producer & Programme Manager

Marcelo is a natural communicator, experienced video producer and field researcher. Aside from his work with Contented, he also developed social media marketing strategies using online video for Aston Martin Racing, Birmingham City University and Birmingham Children's Hospital. Born in Portugal, Marcelo has lived in the USA, UK and Australia, where he led Contented's innovation adventure around the Smart City Expo in Sydney. He has also led our programmes in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Barcelona, Spain.
As an associate video producer, Marcelo led cross-disciplinary projects to develop innovative media assets for marketing clients.

Elaine Sharp

Elaine Sharp, Media Producer & Programme Manager

Elaine is a versatile producer, director and camera operator with experience spanning two decades based in the UK, USA and Italy working on documentaries, factual entertainment, short features, history, and news & current affairs. She specializes in international co-productions and overseas location filming. Elaine’s strengths are in self-shooting storytelling for broadcast television. Elaine has worked for major international broadcasters including BBC, ITV Network, Channel 4 Television, Discovery Channels International, Arts & Entertainment Network USA, ABC Network USA, WNET/ PBS, Mediaset/RTI/Fox Channels International Italy and Orbit Communications (Orbit-Showtime).
A versatile producer, director and camera operator with experience spanning two decades.

Jaemes Gregory

Jaemes Gregory, Media Producer & Programme Manager

Jaemes is a script editor and assistant director who is passionate about the transformative power of story. He has worked with Contented since 2011 to help embed narrative in our professional and organisational development programmes and helped coordinate a number of our programmes in the UK and abroad. Recently, he's been working on our ISO9001 quality management systems to incorporate our learning programme which is externally endorsed. Jaemes is a great ambassador for our values: "Everyone is human and through our odyssey to achieve great things, trial and error in some cases is unavoidable and a great way to learn," he says. "Self-improvement is what I value the most about my experience and the ability to persist over time through lengthy projects. I consider discipline, persistence and the ability to overcome conflict as being the most important factor to seeing anything through to completion."
Jaemes is passionate about the transformative power of story for people and organisations.

Mark Cook

Mark Cook, Producer / Facilitator

A freelance trainer, specialising in group and personal development. Over the past 20 years he has worked to develop and support community groups especially in social housing. Mark is currently developing “pop-up training” enabling people from different organisations and communities to share good value, effective and timely training. A fan of many aspects of Czech culture he blogs about Czech and Slovak film on and also plays music from the 1920s to 50s as Sounds Vintage.
Over the past 20 years, Mark has worked to develop and support community groups especially in social housing.

Tace Bayliss

Tace Bayliss, Production Coordinator

Tace graduated in Film & Animation from London University and, as a visiting lecturer at Institut de Medias Paris, she has taught aspects of European film production, film finance and African film production. In collaboration with the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) she organised a screening of the multi award winning feature length documentary, “Blood in the Mobile.” which was followed by an in-conversation between Tace and the Director, Frank Piasecki Poulsen, on social themes inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the documentary is set. She is currently adapting a series of novels into screenplays for television and film whilst also producing a feature film about African’s living in the diaspora.
A filmmaker and writer, specialising in post-colonial African cinema and its diaspora.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson, Production Coordinator

Matt Johnson is a freelance independent film producer based in the UK and the co-founder of the Worcestershire Film Festival. Currently seeking finance for a slate of feature films, many with roots in Eastern Europe including feature film 'Bargain'(see link: Matt has excellent knowledge of UK film production tax advantages such as Enterprise Investment Schemes, Film Tax Credit as well as links with independent distribution chains, a post production company with bases in Poland, UK, USA and Romania and a written expression of interest of match funding from a USA based company.
Matt has excellent knowledge of UK film production tax advantages.

Chris Kusema

Chris Kusema, Production Technician

Chris joined Contented as an apprentice, learning to manage our IT systems and administration and to coordinate our Digital Services Division. He has knowledge of a wide range of technical subjects from video editing, to coding Python and fixing hardware. He also rivals John as our best in-house barrista.
Chris is training up to coordinate our new Digital Services Division.