Action Learning

Action Learning is a simple but powerful leadership and development technique used by individuals and organisations to change behaviours and improve performance.

Tackling real challenges, people work together, studying their own actions and combining their knowledge and experience to find new solutions. Learners acquire knowledge through actual practice rather than through traditional instruction.

Alongside enterprise projects, simulations and questioning, this process creates insight into what people see, hear or feel. It is suitable for adults and children alike, encouraging each person to reflect upon and review the action they have taken and the learning points which arise.

In our programmes, we facilitate peer-mentoring among groups of learners involved in enterprise projects, workplace tasks, self-reflection and forum discussions.

An important application of Action Learning is in changing systems – principally, people and organisations – to identify hidden assumptions: things that are so embedded in our culture that we don’t even notice them.

Benefits include
As well as leadership and organisational learning, an important focus of our action-learning programmes is the development of personal, learning and thinking skills including problem-solving, team-building and professional growth. Participants can also:

  • Progress new opportunities and develop ideas;
  • Explore new ways of thinking and doing in a safe environment;
  • Generate learning and turn it into action at work;
  • Explore creative ways to bring about change;
  • Test assumptions and learn what works;
  • Gain insight into how others solve problems;
  • Understand and Increase strengths, weaknesses and ;interpersonal skills;
  • Deal effectively with stress.