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Bespoke and off-the-shelf investment in innovation, knowledge transfer, learning and development.

Cultivate international networks alongside cultural and trade events... Embed digital media in your internal and external communications... Join like-minded professionals taking time out to develop yourself, your career and your business.

Our prestigious international partnerships and unique communications framework give you access to a range of designed experiences in the UK and beyond.
David's boss challenged him to transform a burned-out brewery into a 21st century learning campus. Watch here and listen to his story. Click Here to Find Out More

Designed Experiences: Case Study

We guided a small group of UK managers around an expo and trade show in Barcelona, supported by input from our own technical experts and contacts, and those of our partners. The interest was in smart technology as applied to a city environment with the intention of stimulating ideas.

We supported them through daily workshops to plan their meetings, develop their insights and communicate them to internal teams and external markets using digital media. In this case, they filmed interviews and working demonstrators in several locations.

Participants valued the introductions to potential contacts, practical advice and new ways of thinking, as well as new tools for sharing their knowledge in interesting ways. It's proved really valuable to our clients, as people return home and translate their new-found enthusiasm to their colleagues.
Jenny joined the production crew as part of her creative apprenticeship training, to collect evidence of her skills. Watch here and listen to her story.

Co-design your experience

It could have been anywhere from Birmingham to Brussels. It could have been biogas in Belfast or Brno. What we endeavour to create is an atmosphere that sparks creative learning within businesses. We create a structured background in a low-intensity environment, leaving participants the freedom to explore new potentials for their organisations.

We can do this for individuals, small groups or teams, at a range of venues across a spectrum of technical areas. The whole process includes communications management, taking on some of the burden of recording experiences and following up on meetings, such as an opening workshop to set strategic objectives and target resources, and a closing workshop to reflect on the experience, value and next steps.

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