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Why Net Zero is a business priority

Net Zero is the law in much of the world.  To access finance and new contracts, you’ll need to prove you’ll still be a going concern.

  • Are you aware of new mandatory reporting, its timescales and implications?
  • Have you armed your teams with the data to field tough questions?
  • Do you know what you need to do and when?

We transform reporting to deliver innovation and growth.  Improve your reputation. Access finance and new contracts.

Prove you have matters in hand.  Keep your stakeholders contented.

Investors, lenders and regulators are requiring businesses to disclose their operational and strategic impact on our environment and society.  In fact, your commitment and journey towards net zero and sustainability is a great message and an inspiring story for all your stakeholders.

Clients too are demanding supplier data to support their own quality accreditation and annual reports on climate risk, sustainability and CSR.  Accreditations will require best-in-class performance.  These moves are part of a global transition to a more sustainable world.

From managing waste, to purchasing clean energy, avoiding slave labour and attracting millennials: we’ll help you build leadership for gathering data, developing foresight, and proving your business has matters in hand. 

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s a significant competitive advantage.  Get on board or get left behind.

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Your Net Zero facilitators

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Gerard Davies

Lead auditor, organisational facilitator, media producer and Industrial Fellow at Aston Business School.

“Recognising your impact is a tremendous opportunity for innovation. Build and run systems to reassure everyone you have matters in hand. Understanding a prospect’s sustainability strategy and your own impact on society and the environment could be a valuable differentiator.

“Your commitment and journey towards net zero is a great message and an inspiring story for all your stakeholders.”

Felicia Jackson

Clean tech author and member of the Centre for Sustainable Finance at SOAS, University of London.

“It is imperative that businesses understand how climate and sustainability risk are changing economic models and patterns. Failure to respond suitably could result in lost opportunities, increased costs, reputational damage and injury to the social contract.

“This year you have a chance to stand-out for your thought-leadership.  Next year, you might stick out for your lack of preparation.”

John Dooner

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Corporate team coach, specialising in values-led development, learning and conflict resolution.

“Implementing sustainable development in corporations necessitates organisational learning.

“Learning organisations embed a growth culture through mentoring and coaching programmes that are benchmarked against international standards.”

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Seize the opportunity of Net Zero

Tougher reporting requirements on climate risk

Governments are mandating that businesses publish the risks and potential impact of their operations on the environment. 

The UK has led the way in preparation for hosting the 2021 round of COP climate talks. The first reports to be affected are due in early 2022, aligned to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), with the whole economy expected to be involved by 2025.  Investors, lenders and regulators already require that businesses publicly report the financial risk in their operations. 

Under pressure from consumers and investors, CEOs of listed companies are increasingly committing to tough environmental targets across their value chains, driving a demand for climate data from their suppliers.

It means a significant competitive advantage to those suppliers who understand the implications and take a strategic approach to embedding sustainability into their operations today.  Done well, this can improve their reputation and access to finance, as well as helping net new contracts.

Support to go Net Zero

Supported by Aston Business School, with a decade’s experience leading quality and sustainability audits, Contented is offering free introductory workshops to help companies understand why and how to introduce climate adaptation and sustainability into their operations. These virtual sessions are part of a programme developed with university experts.

You’ll learn that you can embed new approaches into your annual directors’ filing to Companies’ House, applications for loans, grants and investment, customer accreditations, ISO management reviews and sustainability reports. You can identify where and whether you need to change your thinking and integrate it into the business strategy.