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December 2, 2019
Green Finance: Seeking Sustainability
December 11, 2019
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Dialogue, Birmingham, November 2019

(Click image for presentation, icentrum, November 2019)


Through what lenses should I be looking at my value?

How do we empower children to lead, teach and change their parents’ behaviour?

How do I change my perspective on the time I have left?

How can I break my invisible blockage to work in problem solving ideas?

How can I create a space powered by individual insight, not group approval?

How can I experiment giving an authentic voice to companies trying to be responsible?


Wave – Infinity & beyond –  Flexibility – Circularity – Purpose – Complexity and irrationality – Restriction


(Discussion with Mark Smith, Aston Business School)

  • Reward businesses
  • Assume good intent of businesses (cf Adam Smith)
  • How do we frame that conversation?