Creative Leadership for Innovation

Preparation Resources

1. Welcome to the Innovator’s Way

a) Confirm you’re on the correct course.

This is for… [aims / target audience]

b) Agree to policies:

  • Policies (esp privacy, confidentiality)
  • Register on platforms: website, youtube, zoom, linkedin group, Moodle, EventBrite (London/Bham workshops, overnight stay required)


2. Preparation activities

Please go through these so we can discuss them.

i) Programme overview

ii) Hero’s Journey:

iii) Definitions: Action Learning;  Design Thinking

iv) Read attached document (The Hero Within) – estimated time, 20mins Storytelling – the Hero Hidden Within v5 [needs editing]

v) Read synopsis of the Neverending Story

vi) Also Matrix (first part?) and Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Greek Myth.

vii) Watch short animation on Hero’s Journey

viii) Watch “Finding Jo” trailer about Joseph Campbell and Hero’s Journey.

ix) Film The Timeless Tale of the Hero’s Journey: Full Film!

Example story.

Action Learning & Action Research

Business case: economic and enviromental.

Innovation mechanism.

Action Learning or Action Research, and whether it matters.

They are different:

Action Learning and Action Research