Creative Leadership for Innovation


01 DLP Developing own leadership performance using action learning 1 Understand the role of action learning in developing one’s own leadership performance

2 Use action learning to plan and monitor the leadership journey

3 Review effectiveness of action learning in developing leadership performance and prototyping innovation

24 GLH
02 ECP Effective coaching practice 1 Understand effective coaching within an organisational context

2 Understand the importance in coaching of effective and ethical contracting

3 Understand the process of effective coaching within one’s own workplace

4 Understand the role of recording, reflection and supervision in coaching within one’s own practice or other contexts

5 Undertaking coaching within an organisational context

24 GLH
03 SPI Using story to prototype change and innovation 1 Understand why and how story mechanisms can support both change and audience engagement

2 Apply story tools to analyse challenges and promote thought-leadership

24 GLH
04 DTE Using digital tools to engage audiences safely 1 Understand and apply digital content techniques, to professional standards, to capture and promote insights into a challenge relevant to the candidate 14 GLH
05 CSI Developing a culture to support innovation and improvement 1 Understand an organisation’s culture

2 Understand the importance of values in underpinning the culture for innovation and improvement

3 Understand the roles of different functions in supporting innovation and change

4 Know how to develop a culture that supports the growth and implementation of ideas

5 Understand the importance of risk management in creating a culture that supports creativity and innovation

6 Understand the important role of communication during the innovation process

14 GLH
06 LIC Leading innovation and change 1 Understand the need for innovation and change management within an organisation

2 Be able to propose innovative solutions to improve organisational performance

3 Be able to lead and manage change within an organisation

24 GLH
07 MAL Managing action learning programmes in organisations 1 Understand the practice and operation of action learning against organisational objectives.

2 Be able to facilitate learning through action learning

3 Understand the impact of action learning on organisational objectives

48 GLH
08 FAL Facilitating action-learning to address complex challenges 1 Understand the characteristics of effective action learning and the role of a facilitator

2 Know how to justify action learning in an organisation

3 Know how to reflect, review and improve own practice, networks and communication ability in supporting and facilitating action learning

4 Understand how to negotiate an action learning intervention with clients and other stakeholders

5 Know how to design and deliver an action learning intervention

6 Know how to negotiate and agree an extended period of supervised action learning facilitation

7 Know how to plan, deliver and maintain records for an extended period of supervised action learning facilitation

8 Know how to review the effectiveness of supervised action learning interventions in attaining agreed goals

9 Know how to use reflective learning and supervision to develop and improve own action learning facilitation to achieve demanding but realistic goals

10 Understand how to develop networks to support own and others’ action learning facilitation practice and continuing professional development

60 GLH
09 OEP Improving and maintaining the organisation’s environmental performance 1 Understand the strategic context of environmental sustainability

2 Understand how to identify and resolve environmental problems and issues through an environmental audit

14 GLH
10 OCE Understanding organisational culture and ethics 1 Understand organisational ethics and culture, in relation to own organisation

2 Understand how an organisation’s ethics and culture influence leadership style and organisation structure

3 Understand how to leverage ethics and culture to improve organisation performance

14 GLH

Combining Modules

Choose ONE module from Group A: 01 or 07 or 08.

Module 03 is mandatory

Plus ONE other module (Group B)

GLH = approximate guided learning hours including induction.