Study Tours to Support Leadership and Communication

An exciting opportunity for researchers and business managers to explore new ways to deliver strategic priorities for a better world. Experience yourself how Europe’s making life better. Take time out to consider how innovative ideas can add value in a smart, low-carbon environment. Develop skills, networks and content to disseminate your research.

Travel with the Contented team of coaches and media producers to connect with cutting-edge business ideas and practices around the world. We’ll help you draw out, capture and apply new insights, and create engaging and powerful digital media and tools to increase impact.
"Tell a story, don’t just list facts... one with which others can identify, with the project content as a basis, and focused on ... the researcher."
(Communicating EU Research and Innovation: Guidance for Project Participants, The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, European Commission, 2014)

Digital Services: from editing and infographics to explainer videos, apps and documentaries. We also help reaserchers build in-house skills.
Study Tours: We can help turn market and study visits into valuable and enjoyable collaborative learning experiences that promote your research and organisation.
Creative Leadership: strategic and technical experts support learning, leadership and collaboration, tailored to your needs through storytelling.
Consultancy: from internal and external communications to reporting and awards, tell authentic stories about how you're helping make the world a better place.

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Partnership Opportunities

Contented runs market-based programmes for academic researchers and business executives to explore sustainable technologies while developing and promoting skills, collaboration and innovation. Visits can include research and trade organisations in one or more locations. Partners may white-label our programme, use our Ontente and Innovation Adventures trademarks, or sponsor workshops and content.

Let's work together to develop authentic stories and promote skills, collaboration and innovation.

To explore how we could help you, please get in touch.

If you just want to talk to someone at Contented, please ring +44 800-310 10 93 during working hours and you’ll be diverted to whomever is manning the external line. Otherwise, please use the contact form and we’ll try to make sure someone gets back to you within 48 hours.

We are always developing new programmes and productions and we would be more than happy to discuss any specific requests you might have.